Providing public market investors
access to fast growing AI companies


Focus on growth

During due diligence, X Machina will work with the target to build a 12-18  month strategic plan that achieves profitable growth. The plan will identify the product positioning, people, and funds required to achieve that growth.

Strengthen the team

The core X Machina team will be on hand to execute the strategic plan and bring in additional management, product, and sales talent as required. Hard to find  AI talent can be brought in temporarily or permanently from the consulting side of the operation.

Rinse and repeat

Once management is on track to achieve its growth and profit targets, the core X Machina team will move on to repeat the process with the next acquisition target and be replaced with key product managers, sales staff, and X Machina-AI’s own pool of AI dev talent. 


Canadian public investors are hungry to get out of mining, oil & gas and into Canada’s fast growing AI sector. Unfortunately, these higher growth equity positions are mostly inside private company structures.

VC portfolios contain AI startups with solid growth but lack the unicorn potential required to justify follow-on funding. They will want to sell these companies.

X Machina will acquire the best of these AI companies and in so doing allow public market investors to access this fast growing sector.

ACquisition criteria

Industrial AI product & service companies serving the following verticals:  

Logistics, SMB manufacturing, proptech, construction, mining, climate tech, etc.


$1M to $10M Annual Revenue

+20% Annual Growth

Profitable or Break Even


Coindera monitors the crypto markets and offers a powerful alerts platform via email, text message, telegram & push notification.

Bain Public takes your organization culture from random and unpredictable to being product-led. SOAP™ is a methodology the team created for product planning and roadmap prioritization based on principles of Product Strategy, Lean Startup, User-centered design, Data Science and more. Their approach, product, expert advice and coaching helps entangle complex technology, people and roadmap dynamics.


Rather than acquiring a single late-stage company, X Machina will act as a holding company for several promising early to mid-stage AI companies, allowing its investors to benefit from more value creation. Acquisitions will be financed via private investments, each time at a higher valuation. X Machina will supply the AI companies with the resources (human and financial) they require for strong profitable growth. After bringing AI service companies into the management company,  AI companies will operate as 100% owned subsidiaries.


Claude G. Théoret


Claude founded and left Nexalogy, one of Montreal’s first AI companies and has been part of management in public companies since 2017.   A former Astrophysicist he forged his technical skill set at the inception of bigdata and the web. While working with CERN he built his first website in 1994. 

He played an active role in the birth and growth of Québec’s startup ecosystem.  He is one of the top 40 startup mentors in the worldwide Founder Institute network. 

In 2019 he was COO of Intema Solutions Inc ($ITM.V) and engineered a growth by acquisition strategy.

Claude has done deep AI driven political and military intelligence work and has a “secret” level clearance with the CAF.

Patrick Brown


Patrick is a forward-thinking financial executive with more than 20 years of experience serving large, complex organizations in Canada and the United States. Recognized expertise at leading financial efforts to drive increases in year-over-year revenue, stimulate profit growth, and continually expand the customer base. 

Uniquely skilled at guiding an organization’s practice into new industries, building an effective financial program, devising effective marketing strategies, and orchestrating international branding.

Patrick maintains a boutique consulting firm that provides guidance and support to private and publicly listed companies in both Canada and the United States.

Daniel Drouet


A proven tech executive and venture investor able to take an idea and turn it into a business, Daniel has been deeply involved in tech for over twenty years as an engineer, entrepreneur, investor and mentor.

Daniel has expertise in product management, engineering and venture financing.  He has conceived and overseen the delivery of numerous software products and IT services and founded several tech companies. He was a founding partner of Real Ventures, Canada’s most active early stage venture capital fund and helped grow Anges Quebec into one of the largest angel investor networks in the country. He is currently an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Centech, a Deeptech and AI focused accelerator.

Daniel Arsenault

Lead Product Designer

Daniel was  designer for many eminent entrepreneurs, startups in Silicon Valley and Canada, including Ycombinator and VCs such as SV Angels, RealVentures.

He created UI/UX for startups and larger companies such as Webex, Klout, Farmville, Betterworks, Ecomom and many more. 

Despite a strong startup focus, he has worked with many large enterprises over the years such as Amex, Amazon, Airbnb, Nine west, Holt Renfrew, Ssense, Yahoo!, Rakuten, Louis Vuitton LVMH, Cisco, Sungard, Seiko, EA.

He is Co-organizer of the International Startup Fest.

Scott Munro

Chief Investment Officer

Scott is an experienced accountant (CGA) and successful venture capitalist who has served in a variety of c-level executive roles including CEO, CFO and director in both Canadian and U.S. private and public companies for over 25 years, including over 20 years of business development, services, M&A and going-public transactions.  

Mr. Munro has conducted successful M&A, funding, and IPOs since 2000 in various industries including biotech, cannabis, life sciences, exploration & mining, services, and technology.

Vaugh DiMarco

VP Growth and Value Creation

Vaughn is an investor, entrepreneur & engineer applying AI best practices across industries. As Investment Director at IVADO LABS he was part of a small team managing INVEST-AI, a $35M Quebec fund. He led due diligence on hundreds of companies, managed a large portfolio and funding dozens of successful initiatives including but not limited to manufacturing, construction, finance, media, entertainment, medical devices & tech. 
Prior to INVEST-AI, he founded VONALYTICS, a holding company and Data Science firm specializing in user acquisition, analytics, retention & attribution modeling. He acquired COINDERA, a SaaS software company serving thousands of investors in crypto markets since 2014.

15 Marie-Anne West suite 200

Montreal, Quebec H2W 1B6


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